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Sophia Marshall embodies the definition of turning trials into triumphs. She reversed years of damage caused by traction alopecia and used her experience to launch Fire Naturals. During her quest to fill in bald spots and restore her hair, Sophia became obsessed with researching everything about hair. She soon realized that majority of the beauty products on the market contain toxic ingredients that are harmful and could accelerate hair loss, and stunt growth. Sophia began to treat her scalp and hair by using natural products from the kitchen such as aloe vera, moringa, along with Ayurvedic herbs and techniques.

The combination of nutrition and hair care techniques caused her hair to begin flourishing again. As a result, she was inundated with requests for the products she used. Fueled by her desire to help others struggling with hair loss and her knowledge of the toxic hair care industry, Sophia decided to become a part of the solution and that was how Fire Naturals was born.

But Sophia didn’t want to create just another hair care brand. To ensure the highest standards, she pursued training to become a Certified Trichologist Practitioner and created a team of professionals versed on cosmetics formulation, health/wellness, and hair care practices. Sophia is also the proud owner of Alopecia & Beyond Wellness Spa which combines hair clinic and wellness services.  Both companies are built on core values of honesty and integrity. This means you can rest assured knowing that we deliver premium products from research & development to you.


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