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Who We Are

Fire Naturals is a natural hair care line that promotes self-care and a healthy lifestyle from the inside out. The company was founded by Sophia Marshall after she overcame a severe case of Traction Alopecia using natural ingredients.

Sophia was determined not to lose her hair without a fight and conducted tons of research about natural remedies and techniques in her plight to restore her hair. Her passion and dedication ultimately lead her to become a Certified Trichologist Practitioner. Sophia has used her experience with natural ingredients and her training in Trichology to create Fire Naturals’ luxurious hair products designed to restore your hair. But that’s not all. Fire Naturals also provides education regarding techniques, treatments, foods, and supplements that can help to prevent, halt, and overcome hair loss.

Every aspect of Fire Naturals is overseen by Sophia and/or a team of professionals to ensure you get the best information and premium products to help obtain and maintain healthier hair.


What Makes Us Different

Fire Naturals is more than a luxury hair care brand offering hair repair products. We empower our clients with the knowledge and skills to nurture their hair like a pro. Even the most premium product won’t deliver the results you crave if you don’t practice self-care. Healthy hair starts from within and that’s at the core of what we do.


Our Mission

To become a leader in the revolution of the hair care industry by promoting education, healthy hair care practices, and providing premium products containing natural and organic ingredients.


Our Vision

To inspire as many people as possible to take better care of themselves starting from the inside out.


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