6 Ways to Combat Hair Loss

Depending on the extent of damage to hair follicles, combatting hair loss ranges from simply using a product to taking various measures. Here are 6 effective ways to combat hair loss:


Eliminating sugar, gluten, and soda from your diet automatically reduces the level of inflammation and toxicity in the body.  These foods also places a lot of stress on the body making it difficult to heal and/or maintain a healthy environment within the cells.   


Working out is one of the easiest ways to improve blood circulation which is necessary when attempting to combat hair loss.  Other ways to increase blood flow includes the use of cinnamon, cayenne pepper, etc in your diet.  Full body and scalp massages also helps to improving circulation.


The condition of the scalp plays an important role in the likelihood to restore one's hair. When experiencing hair loss the scalp must be kept clean in order to reduce bacteria, fungi, and other micros from interfering with the follicles' ability to intake nutrients and recover.  


The use of products that are chemical-free, vegan, with plant based is crucial to hair restoration. It is especially important that what goes on the scalp does not clog or cause further damage. This is one of the reasons why Fire Naturals created the Moringa Scalp Tonic - to ensure your scalp treatment is effective and non-hazardous.  Most shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments contain toxic chemicals which negatively affects the scalp's ph,  and result in thinning hairs over time.


Hair and nails receive the nutrients we consume after all our organs have.  If the body is not absorbing nutrients at optional levels, our hair and nails cannot thrive.  The health of our gut determines our ability to break down, digest and distribute the nutrients from our foods as required.  To improve nutrient absorption, good gut health is necessary.  Probiotics, whole fruits and vegetables increase gut fibre, helps to balance our hormones, and improve digestion.


Removing toxic waste from the body improves nutrient abortion to support the functions of all organs.  Colon, yeast, and parasitic cleanses should be completed at least annually but in cases where people are exposed to environmental toxins, or GMO foods are being consumed regularly, detoxes should be conducted more frequently.  

The 6 ways mentioned above to combat hair loss are among many.  Since there are various reasons for hair loss, it is recommended that a professional helps in identifying which are the best approaches to overcome Alopecia to ensure the cause is being eradicated.  While it can be frustrating to regrow your hair, the process can result in improved overall health which is always worth it.