Hair Loss is Caused by Mineral Deficiency 4

Very often, hair loss is a sign of mineral deficiency. Your body simply isn’t receiving or balancing the vitamins and minerals necessary to feed and maintain hair follicles. I’m using rapini to grow my hair back because it is rich in vitamin A and C. Vitamin A promotes healthy scalp […]


Thinning Hair Needs Dryers Too But Ionic or Non-Ionic? 13

People with thinning hair ought to be particularly mindful of the dryers they use if they cannot avoid the use of heat. When doing so, it is important to choose a dryer that will keep the hair conditioned locking in moisture to prevent further damaged. We’ve heard it over and […]

Apple Cider Vinegar as Hair Loss Remedy 36

Frequent hair washes and the use of harsh hair products can reduce or remove the scalp’s natural oils. When this happens, the scalp’s ph is compromised leaving a breathing ground for bacteria, yeast, and other infections. Hair cannot thrive in such an environment. It is important to return the scalp’s […]



Shhhhh Black Women Are Loosing Hair 13

Many black women are loosing hair due to Alopecia (the medical name for hair loss).  Receding hairline and bald spots are common among African-American women.  What’s interesting is that very few talk about it.   Alopecia is hidden under the gorgeous weaves and wigs and kept as a secret because […]