My Alopecia Journey – Up Close Shots

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Throughout my journey to regrow my hair using natural remedies, I searched high and low for other videos or pictures from others experiencing hair loss but I had very little luck. I was particularly interested in seeing the progress from natural treatments. There was so much happening with my scalp and hair. At times my scalp was inflamed, scaly, oily, discolored, and very painful. After I cleared the infection I began exfoliating and the exfoliation lifted a layer of damaged scalp but the hair that was hanging on those parts of the scalp also fell. The bald spots got larger and for a while I was devastated but I remained consistent in keeping the scalp clean, and I also continued to detox my body, hair, and scalp. I also continued to consume more minerals, and apply them topically from the natural concoctions I made. The scalp eventually got healthier, no more pain, inflammation, puss, or pimples but I had less hair.

As I continued my natural treatments new hairs filled in and you will see from the video I posted below how many changes took place. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms I mentioned, please let me know by commenting below or on youtube. Don’t forget to like my facebook page to show your support. Please let me know if you have any questions and share the videos to help others.

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