My Hair Loss Journey – I Naturally Grew Back My Hair

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magneic rollersHi and thank you for stopping by to read my story.  In 2012 I embarked on a journey to restore my hair from severe damages causing bald spots.  I was inspired by a Youtuber named Howconnie that used onions to grow her hair back.

I decided to document my entire journey on Youtube.  I began with a castor oil challenge but after the second week I realized it was irritating my scalp so I stopped using it.  Soon after I realized I had to cut my locs that I had for almost 10 years. It was an emotional day but I haven’t looked back.

I documented my story mainly because I wanted to hold myself accountable for following up.  I had no idea that so many people would reach out to me to share their stories, ask questions, and offering their support.

As I continued I became concerned about others.  I wondered what others were going through. I found a few videos on youtube, searched the web extensively scrolling through forums and websites to see what experience others were having.  I wanted to see their scalp.  I wanted to know if they too lost more hair in the earlier stages, etc.  I couldn’t find much.  I decided to continue documenting so that one day I could provide someone with a video of my experience so that they could see what they could expect as they overcome Alopecia. The video below shows video clips and photos of my journey.

I’m very humbled by the support I’ve received and there is nothing more rewarding than others thanking me for helping them.  It was hard to share my videos but it’s worth it!  This journey lead me start a hair loss salon because I wished there was a place I could get my hair done while I struggled with Alopecia.

Growth Aid Salon is located in Brampton, Ontario Canada and I’m also about to launch a product line specially formulated for hair loss.  At times I feel overwhelmed but I have to remind myself that I am obligated to share the knowledge I’ve gained.

I hope the information on this website helps you and if it does please help me to help others by sharing an article or page on social media.

One Love….Still Growing….Sophie

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