bald2bounce2Hi my name is Sophie aka Soofyah and I am the founder of Fire Naturals. The purpose of this website is to spread awareness of Alopecia and offer hair loss remedies. I was diagnosed with Traction Alopecia in 2012 after experiencing thinning hair, scalp infection, scalp inflammation, bald spots, and excessive hair fall.

I felt alone, helpless, and depressed so I create this website in order to share my story, keep me on tract, as well as receive and provide support to others experiencing Alopecia.

You can see from the photo above that my journey has been successful thus far. I’ve managed to fill in most of my bald spots, strengthen my hair, and retain length by using natural ingredients. I determined to continuously share the remedies that worked for me with others, so much so that I started a salon that specializes in damaged hair.  It’s a private and comfortable space where natural ingredients are used.  It’s located in Brampton, Ontario Canada and is called Growth Aid Salon.  I offer consultation via online, phone, or at the salon which includes customized regimen.  You could visit the salon’s website here.  The site you are currently on was created solely to offer hair loss remedies and share my personal experience with you.   That’s what this site is all about.

My intention is to encourage you to do further research, seek medical advice from a professional, and make decisions that suit you.

If you decide to use any of the items or products mentioned on this website, I would love to hear from you. Please comment on the applicable post and/or contact me through social media.  Be sure to like the articles you find informative and share them to help others.

Thank you for visiting. Happy Hair Growth!